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Curriculum Content and Courses

As a member of The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust (the Trust), De Salis Studio College is able to offer a broad curriculum package which responds to the diverse needs, interests and aspirations of all our learners.

De Salis Studio College is where ‘education means business’ and learning and working is at the heart of everything we do.

Combining academic and vocational learning, students become experienced, qualified and highly employable young people. They have direct experience of the workplace together with qualifications, which demonstrate their level of ability. In today’s competitive job market, employers are looking for more than just highly qualified individuals. They want young people who have relevant business and commercial experience. In essence, this is what studio schools have been set up to overcome.  De Salis stands out from other provisions in the local area as it has been set up specifically with this in mind.

A team of highly experienced teaching and associate staff deliver the core curriculum, ensuring each individual is able to progress at a pace, which reflects their abilities and ambitions.  All students attending De Salis are treated as young adults, each preparing to take their first steps into the workplace. Whilst this may be daunting for some, it is intended to be immensely rewarding and fulfilling; giving each student a sense of purpose and direction.

Our mission is to ensure that young people are equipped with the skills, qualifications and life experience associated with the workplace as they embark on the first stage of their career.  As young adults, each preparing to take their first steps into the workplace, they will be ‘work ready’ and an asset to any future employer.

Core Curriculum:

All students follow a core curriculum of English, Mathematics, Science, IT and Business Studies. You can find out about the course content for these subjects below. 



AAT Business Skills

Career Option Courses:

In addition to the core curriculum, students select a specialist option from the list below. Our specialist courses are designed to support progression into the workplace or further study, being truly career-focused subject choices.


Legal and Criminal Sciences

AS Law


Technical Award in Finance




Please feel free to view the Options booklet below. In order to select your choice, please submit your choice by clicking the form below.