Extra-curricular Activities

We believe very strongly in the importance of an enriched curriculum

At De Salis Studio College, we present students with a rich extra-curricular programme which allows them to extend their interest and participation in sporting, creative and artistic activities.  Clubs range from social activities where students meet new friends within a healthy environment to more serious societies for those wishing to form a team and compete against other schools within the borough.  Regardless of where students fall within this continuum, there is something for everyone and we encourage as many students as possible to take advantage of this and take steps to adopt and maintain a healthy, enriched lifestyle. In addition, students benefit from specialist Enrichment Weeks throughout the year, which deliver personalised programmes of trips, visiting speakers, work experience and subject workshops.

Enrichment Activities

Every Tuesday at De Salis, from 4:00-5:00pm, from May 4th.

Club  Teacher  Description
Environmental club  Ms Gallimore and Mr Sillero  The Environmental Club will allow the students to raise awareness of issues affecting the environment. They will also be empowered to devise various strategies and effect policies within the school environment to create a safer space. They will also engage in various beautification projects within the school and the wider community. 
Chess club Mr Ndlovu  
Photography club Ms Isaacs  
Creative arts club  Ms Ferguson Children will use various materials in our envirnment to create memorobilias for various festivals and important events that will take place throughout the term.
Debate club Ms Okia-Annie The Debating Society will allow the students to develop their communicative skills. It will allow them to overcome various phobias that they have for public speaking. Research skills will also be developed, as they will have to engage in this process to validate their arguments. 
Computing club Ms Blair-Gordon The Computer Science Club will help the students to cultivate their professional development and augment their education with practical skills and project, as well as, provide a fun and suppotive community to stimulate personal growth. 
Sports club Mr O’Connor  
Book club Mr Donkoh This club was designed to encourage students to read for pleasure and develop a passion for expressing their oral reading skills.They will be encouraged o read different types of books to develop their reading skills , expand their vocabulary and become inspired. They will also have opportunities to enagage in reading across the various primary schools, to help to cultivate a passion for reading. 


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