Science Experiment 27/09/21

Science experiments are often a highlight for most students. This week, students in Year 10 carried out a titration experiment. Titration involves the addition of an acid to a base, or vice-versa, with a burette (a vertical apparatus used to measure the volume of a known concentration added to a known volume in the conical flask). The students acknowledged how the colour changes in the indicator indicated when the mixture had reached a neutral PH. This then allowed known and measured volumes and the known concentration to be used in a calculation of the unknown concentration in the conical flask. Students were able to learn valuable scientific information all whilst having the fun of carrying out the tasks themself. 

Year 11 students also capitalised on stimulating scientific experiments this week as they combined magnesium strips with hydrochloric acid to identify the rate of reaction. They watched in awe as the hydrogen gas released at the end of the reaction causing the inflation of a balloon!

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