Year 11 Formal Leavers Dinner 26/07/21

As a celebration of their successes, on Friday 16th July, De Salis Studio College hosted our long-awaited, well-deserved Year 11 Leavers Dinner. The red carpet was rolled out for the students’ arrival, creating a striking entrance moment and paving the way for our ‘VIP’ (very important person) guests. Leading up to the De Salis Court where students were greeted and celebrated for their achievements, they embraced the significance of this year’s Leavers Dinner, amplified, as a result of an unprecedented year. They met sophisticated trends, with the girls opting for ballroom gowns and pretty corsages, and the boys adorned in their elegant evening attire, each carrying themselves with such grace as they took to the entrance to have professional photographs taken under the balloon arch.

The ambience of the court was sentimental, made more reminiscent by the nostalgic interaction with peers. They all observed proper table etiquette and were seated according to the personalised table plans. Students indulged in their formal dinner, drinks and ‘Class of 2021’ cake, before enjoying a group dance with songs played to meet their contemporary tastes. The attention to detail was apparent and complemented prom traditions, leading to the appointment of our crowned King and Queen with all the votes collected in a ballot box. It was undoubtedly a significant date in the College calendar and was a wonderful way to conclude the students’ journey in Year 11. We wish them all the very best in their future endeavours!

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