A Farewell to Year 11 28/06/21

In some ways, this is always a sad time of the College year. In other, more important ways, it is a time of joy and celebration. For although we are always sorry to be bidding farewell to our Year 11 cohort at the end of their Key Stage 4 journey, this is outweighed by the feeling of satisfaction we experience in celebrating their achievements and recognising their huge potential as they embark upon the next stage of their vocational and academic journey at Post 16 either within The Trust or beyond it. 

This Year 11 contains some truly endearing characters and some very high achievers. Some of the best memories we’ll be left with are Bobby O’Gorman’s excellent artisan baking, Divnit Grover’s statesmanlike performance of the duties attached to his role as President of the Student Council and learning more about our students’ cultural heritage, backgrounds and knowledge during De Sails’ Culture Day as they performed traditional folk dances dressed in various national costumes. We will also fondly remember our excellent careers programme that has given our Year 11s the opportunity to work with prestigious local, national and international companies. It was fitting that their year ended with the fantastic outdoor enrichment programme put on by National Citizen Service and Queens Park Rangers. During this programme, our Year 11 students engaged superbly and raised donations for local charities including a foodbank in Hayes. Special mention should go to outstanding academic contributions over the course of the year by a number of our students: in English, by Zion Lindsay, Alena Hussain, Adelina Opera and Maison Taylor; in Mathematics by Divnit Grover, Tanmeet Sachdeva, Kaira Simpson and Tasnim Iqbal; in Science by Omar Akram, Livia Monteiro, Gabriel Poppa and Omar Twait; and in Business by Abdallah Ali, Andrea-Maria El Idrissi, Samuel Omotesho, Sam Hickman and Benjamin Sibley. 

In summary, our departing Year 11 cohort have been a truly outstanding group who have set the bar very high for future Year 11s. Behaviour and engagement have been exemplary as have involvement with extracurricular and enrichment activities. These students have been a pleasure to teach and to have in the College. Academically, they have been excellent and in everything outside of the classroom they have done, they have been ambassadors for De Salis and our values. This is a cohort we will miss, although we have two sources of consolations: firstly, many of them are staying with us by attending The Trust’s Post 16 as De Salis students, and secondly, and even more importantly, we are fully confident that many of them will go on to achieve great things, both academically and in the world of careers, work and business. 

Goodbye and good luck, Year 11, 2020/21


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