Our Great British Countryside 7/06/21

On Friday 28th May, during Enrichment Week, students in Year 9 embarked on a trip to the countryside. The first stop on their adventures was at Bailey Hill Farm, Chalfont St Giles, where the award-winning farmer, Mr Chapman led the students on a tour of the farm, where he educated them on the cattle and their calves, along with the sheep and their lambs. Students were fascinated to learn that sheep only have two teats, meaning multiple births become problematic resulting in some of the lambs having to be taken away from their mothers and bottle fed. These “orphan” lambs instantly became greatly adored by the students and even loved a cuddle!

As part of the tour, we were greatly privileged to have had a first-hand demonstration of a working sheep dog as Mr Chapman demonstrated the skills of Meg, his Welsh Border Collie, in rounding up a large flock of 150 sheep and 250 lambs, bringing them down to us to say hello! The next stop was Hodgemoor Woods where students enjoyed a picnic and walk over the fields on the stunning Chiltern Hills. Students gained an insight into the construction of High Speed 2 (HS2) and the effect it has had on the residents of Chiltern and Chiltern countryside, before engaging in a compelling talk by Mr Bennet about pig farming after observing the latest piglets, sows and boards at Stockings Farm.

Students thoroughly enjoyed this refreshing trip, providing them with the opportunity to learn offsite in an outdoor environment through a varied programme designed to enrich their learning. Thank you to Mr Chapman and Mr Bennett for showing De Salis around!

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