Girls’ Day 26/04/21

Our Year 9 young ladies were in for a treat at the most recent Girls’ Day under the theme, ‘Women Empowerment - Charting your way to success’.

The young ladies started the session with mindfulness as they sang along to their favourite songs and showcased their talents in the creative arts. Our guest speaker for the day was Mrs. Simone Chimeura, who is a clinical research professional and property investor. She inspired our girls to find their passion and be persistent with their intention and actions. She encouraged them to be and celebrate themselves as individuals, while maintaining a positive and optimistic mindset, thoughts and beliefs, which was the highlight for one of our students - Jada. 

Our young ladies were left with a reminder, not only to stand firm in their spirituality, but with sound words from Oprah Winfrey - to “create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe”. A big thanks to one of our fellow colleagues for our delicious cake which was the cherry on top as our young ladies completed their vision boards.

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