Meet the Poet 12/04/21

Our Year 10 students were excited to analyse the poem ‘Suddenly...’ written by our Content Editor in our ‘Meet the poet’ session on Wednesday 31st March. Students were able to share their analysis as they unpicked the main idea and central message of the poem, along with the poet’s intent. They thoroughly enjoyed the question-and-answer segment, where they got insight from the poet’s perspective and were able to impress upon her knowledge of analysing unseen poetry.


The students demonstrated an in-depth knowledge and understanding of poetry analysis as they unpicked the language and identified the poetic methods used to unravel the underlying meaning of the poem. They all grasped the central theme of change and were able to unearth various literary devices employed to reflect the shared sentiments and emotions experienced by students as a result of the pandemic. 

Building on prior knowledge, they observed a revolutionary shift reflected by the couplets and rhyme scheme, priming their curiosity whilst allowing them to develop empathy and knowledge as they applied it to their own experiences. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to enhance their comprehension skills, uncovering the deeper meaning of the poem and encapsulating its true essence with ingenious perceptions including the adaptations of the contemporary world and our ‘new normal’ reflected in the structure, as well as, some unintended, yet remarkable interpretations being the 12 stanzas imitating the 12 months of “panic”, “anxiety” and “fear”. The students worked diligently in deciphering the intent, lending themselves to playfulness with language and structure, and conveyed compelling interpretations that had a pertinent significance on the words of the poem.

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