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  • Guided Learning

    Guided Learning


    Year 11 students used their Guided Learning time to quiz each other on past papers, carry out extra revision and share their tips and tricks on how to get the most marks per question

  • Computing Club

    Computing Club


    During the first Computing Club session, students investigated a technological trend called Robotic Process Automation (RPA) where students found out how repetitive jobs within business can be automated by using software.

  • Creatives Workshop

    Creatives Workshop


    Students at De Salis spent the afternoon joined by their sister Studio College, Parkside, in a fun filled Creatives Workshop.

  • Girls’ Day

    Girls’ Day


    Our Year 9 young ladies were in for a treat at the most recent Girls’ Day under the theme, ‘Women Empowerment - Charting your way to success’.

  • Meet the Poet

    Meet the Poet


    Our Year 10 students were excited to analyse the poem ‘Suddenly...’ written by our Content Editor in our ‘Meet the poet’ session on Wednesday 31st March.

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