Extra-curricular Activities

We believe very strongly in the importance of sport and exercise as the benefits of leading an active and healthy lifestyle are endless.

Regular participation in exercise or sport not only improves health levels, confidence and social relationships but also, studies show, leads to higher levels of academic attainment.

For these reasons, the Physical Education curriculum is very broad and offers students as many different activities as possible during the physical education lessons timetabled for them each week.  During this time they are introduced to new sports, cover all aspects of the national Physical Education syllabus and acquire new techniques as well as refine skills already owned.

In addition to this, we present students with rich extra-curricular programmes after college which allows them to extend their interest and participation in sport and exercise.  Clubs range from social activities where students meet new friends within a healthy environment to more serious societies for those wishing to form a team and compete against other schools within the borough.  Regardless of where students fall within this continuum, there is something for everyone and we encourage as many students as possible to take advantage of this and take steps to adopt and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.


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