We Will Remember Them! 23/11/20

At a special assembly for Remembrance Day, students remembered the fallen who gave their lives fighting for their country during the two world wars and in other armed conflicts around the world. Mrs Massey showed original wartime reconnaissance photographs from World War II (WW2) taken before, during and after the battle of Monte Cassino in Italy. Students were shocked by the level of devastation caused by the artillery and aerial bombardment but were fascinated by the chance to see these real historical artefacts which will soon be presented to the Imperial War Museum.

Whilst most had a general understanding of why the red poppy is worn, many students were interested to learn that the purple poppy commemorates all the animals that lost their lives during such conflicts. As we are currently following government guidance to “lockdown”, pet-owning students were also invited to reflect on how they might have felt during the war, when they would have been asked by the government to have their much-loved pets put to sleep, as food was a scarce resource and families had to prioritise feeding their human companions over their pets. Many horses and mules played active roles during both world wars and died alongside the soldiers.

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