Business Workshop 2/11/20

On Tuesday 27th October, the Business Department hosted its first Year 11 Business Workshop. The Workshop comprised of four sessions and a competitive activity. Each session taught students how to answer the different types of examination questions, ranging from 3 to 6 marks, up to 9 and 12 mark questions to fulfil the three commands: Analysis, Application and Evaluation. 

Throughout the workshop, students picked up new concepts as well as garnered skills in answering Multiple Choice Questions. They developed skills in answering financial calculations and were seen calculating sales revenue, sales volume, percentage change, gross profit margin, and net profit margin. Students also demonstrated their competence in interpreting graphs and data and using these to answer questions relating to existing businesses in the UK.

At the end of the workshop, all students were presented with certificates for their participation in the workshop. They each returned the feedback sheets given to them, of which 91% of students felt that the workshop was effective in building their skills in answering AQA Business Studies Examination questions, and they were grateful to have had this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge before sitting their mock examinations.

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