Year 11 Virtual Work Experience 19/10/20

Students in Year 11 have spent the week carrying out virtual work experience with the Independent Academic Research Studies (IARS) International Institute. Ten students have worked both individually and collaboratively on a scheduled timetable. They started off their week with a meeting and virtual tour of the work place, followed by work-based activities. Each day allowed them a “catch up” period and also required them to complete a reflective journal of their work experience. At the end of the week, they were required to complete a blog post outlining how they found their work experience with IARS. All students thoroughly enjoyed their experience and found the layout of the week to be very ‘real’ considering the current circumstances. 

Well done to the students who persevered throughout the week with enthusiasm and a strong work ethic and thank you to the team at IARS for allowing our students to work with you!

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