A Day in the Life of a Forensic Scientist 9/10/20

Today, Year 9 and 10 Criminology students took part in a forensic science enrichment event aptly named “A Day in the Life of a Forensic Scientist!” The students engaged in a variety of interactive activities which helped them explore the role of a forensic scientist in solving crimes. To begin with, students were tasked with considering evidence that can be collected from a burglary crime scene which is useful in identifying the perpetrator of the crime. They then had the opportunity to take their own fingerprints and to determine their unique fingerprint type. At the end of the session, Year 12 Criminology student Amera gave a presentation and answered questions about the steps that students can take to become forensic scientists with fantastic feedback all around. It was a great session that was interactive, informative and fun! We must also commend Year 12 students, Bianca and Sandeep who worked collaboratively in their quest to spread the word, and designed a detailed poster which incited engagement and provided a concise overview of the event!

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