Love is in the Air at De Salis 24/02/20

We could certainly feel Cupid’s presence at De Salis on Friday 14th February as a few Year 10 students formed a mini-enterprise group and produced a range of “Valentine’s Delights”, during their Enrichment Week. 

With early morning preparations, a production line was quickly underway, from wrapping roses in cellophane, cutting out heart shaped gift tags, and curling ribbon to ensure the “single-rose bouquet” was finished to a high standard and ready for merchandising. For those who don’t like to “say it with flowers”, bespoke chocolate bundles were also available, along with customised Valentine’s cards too!

The pressure was on! Students had to prepare as many gifts as possible, in time for the first selling opportunity - morning break at Rosedale and Hewens Colleges. They could not have anticipated a more positive outcome! The outstanding performance of the morning had then led the students back to the production line as all had sold out in the first hour!

As well as being a fun activity, it was an amazing learning experience as the students had conducted research the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, and had subsequently drawn up a business plan, with reviews, reflections and evaluations following the activity. All proceeds will be sent to the students’ nominated charity, “Standing up to Domestic Violence”. Well done all!

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