Criminology Make Mug Cakes 2/12/19

Have you ever succumbed to the lure of the midday mug cake? There is something satisfying about assembling a few ingredients together in a mug, to then watch a steaming, aromatic, perfectly risen cake transpire two minutes later! On Monday 25th November, as part of their timetabled extra-curricular activity, students in Criminology spent the afternoon learning how to transform the ordinary mug cake into an alluring guise – with deliquescing cores and cushioned exteriors in just a fraction of the time! This educated the students on time management, the importance of following instructions and correctly measuring ratios, all whilst having fun! 

Students were enthralled by the very concept of making a cake in a mug, with one student stating “Making mug cakes was fun but messy; it required a lot of measurements but was definitely worth the 2-minute cooking time, if you got it spot on.” Another stated, “We watched aimlessly as it raised in the microwave, often spilling over the sides if the measurements weren’t perfect, but they tasted wonderful. It taught us how important it was to keep to the measurements!” 

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