The Colin Charles Performance Academy 25/11/19

On Saturday 2nd November, our vivacious students sang and danced their way through a spectacular Colin Charles Performance Academy (CCPA) class. With Hakeem beginning the day with his exciting brand of street dance, enthusiasm engulfed Rosedale College Hall as the students immersed themselves in an exuberant dance lesson, practising various dance techniques, including hip hop locking and freeze combined with African and old disco dance styles. This was followed by a fluid style of contemporary street dance, taught by Aaron who encouraged the students to discover their potential through self-expression by incorporating jumps, floor rolls and street movements into their routines. Students expressed their enthusiasm by describing the experience as “unforgettable”. Samantha’s musical theatre class involved an exhilarating form of gospel. The students took part in various vocal exercises to train and strengthen their vocal tones by singing in harmony, as a group. Students thoroughly enjoyed the experience, evident by their positive energy and passion for the classes. They commented on the great time they had, with Brian Godard stating “It was the most fun I have had in ages!”.

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