Post 16 Teach Business 11/11/19

De Salis’ Post 16 Business Studies students were given the opportunity to lead the Year 10 students in a morning focused on Business proposals. Three teams of Year 10 students went head-tohead designing and building cars out of paper, in a bid to sell the most to their car dealerships and to earn the most profit. Students worked cooperatively within their teams, assigning each person a role that was best suited to them. They democratically elected who they thought had the confidence to present a compelling business proposal before proposing their ideas to the Post 16 students. Our pragmatic Post 16 students who took great pride in their ‘senior’ roles then judged how much their cars were worth after back and forth wheeling and dealing. The team who made the most profit won. This proved to be a fantastic, fun and innovative way to get the business minds racing of both our Year 10 and Post 16 students.

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