IHG Event 21/10/19

On Wednesday 9th October, students from Parkside and De Salis Studio College attended the prestigious IHG event. Students gained exposure and an insight into the world of hospitality by working alongside a multinational hospitality company. From the outset, the visit sparked an interest in industry. Students took part in a number of stimulating activities including hot-seating, quizzes and a ‘IHG Hotel Challenge’ where they were given the opportunity to design a flagship hotel for a new youth-orientated IHG brand – complete with branding, marketing and pitching. Inspired by the work of the IHG, students put every effort into making this project a success.

The visit to the IHG Global Headquarters provided our students with an unparalleled taste for professional experience. From the office tour to the hotel challenge, students were exposed to a professional working environment which was far more superior to anything they could have ever imagined! This visit was a reminder of how enriching and valuable it is to gain a first-hand experience of the world of work at a young age. With an insight into the unique opportunities offered at the IHG and a finer understanding of industry, students walked away with so much more than just a college visit. Congratulations to the winners of the ’best hotel concept’ who each received a £15 Amazon voucher. Your efforts and sheer determination that went into achieving your ultimate goal “escXpe” did not go unnoticed!

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