Apprentice 19 Exhibition 15/07/19

In two trips over two days, students in Year 10 were able to further their understanding of apprenticeships and speak to representatives from over 60 prestigious companies when they visited the Apprenticeship 19 Fair. The exhibition was opened by the Mayor of the City of London, who spoke of how successful the apprenticeship route into employment is and how youngsters are able to obtain their degree whilst simultaneously receiving payment in their apprenticeship work placement.

Students quizzed personnel from Google, the BBC, Accenture, PWC, The Telegraph, Pearson, The Royal Navy, The Army and the RAF, to name but a few! There were also many opportunities for work experience placements which many students now have their eye on for when they are in Year 12.

One of the highlights was operating a £350,000 camera which only a few weeks previously had been filming the UEFA Champions League final. The Guildhall itself is a really impressive building and is one of the few mediaeval buildings remaining in London that survived not only the Great Fire of London in 1666 but also the bombing of the Blitz in World War II.

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