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  • Love is in the Air at De Salis

    Love is in the Air at De Salis


    We could certainly feel Cupid’s presence at De Salis on Friday 14th February as a few Year 10 students formed a mini-enterprise group and produced a range of “Valentine’s Delights”, during their Enrichment Week.  W...

  • Revision in Enrichment Week

    Revision in Enrichment Week


    Students in English delved into Enrichment Week by dissecting a mock examination paper. As a class, they engaged in riveting discussions on how they think questions should be answered in an English paper, sharing their own ideas with reasonably de...

  • Guided Learning

    Guided Learning


    In order to prepare for their upcoming examinations, students used their time wisely in Guided Learning to revise and catch up on any incomplete or missed work. Students worked cooperatively, in a buddy system, to support and challenge each other,...

  • GO4SET Launch

    GO4SET Launch


    The GO4Set Launch at the Lakeside Education Centre took place on Friday 17th January. A group of 6 students were introduced to the project, with a focus on STEM subjects. Students were given the opportunity to tour the Lakeside Energy from Waste (...

  • Basketball Club

    Basketball Club


    On Monday 13th January, the De Salis Studio College Basketball Club resumed with even more enthusiasm, energy and intensity. What a way to kick start the new term! The students were put through their paces; making use of all the techniques they ha...

  • The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust Graduation

    The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust Graduation


    They came, they saw, they conquered! On Thursday 28th November, The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust saw the first of many significant events. Families, teachers and members of the Governing Body amalgamated to share in the celebrations of the Trust&...

  • Criminology Make Mug Cakes

    Criminology Make Mug Cakes


    Have you ever succumbed to the lure of the midday mug cake? There is something satisfying about assembling a few ingredients together in a mug, to then watch a steaming, aromatic, perfectly risen cake transpire two minutes later! On Monday 25th No...

  • The Colin Charles Performance Academy

    The Colin Charles Performance Academy


    On Saturday 2nd November, our vivacious students sang and danced their way through a spectacular Colin Charles Performance Academy (CCPA) class. With Hakeem beginning the day with his exciting brand of street dance, enthusiasm engulfed Rosedale Co...

  • Uxbridge Business Park Visit

    Uxbridge Business Park Visit


    Students at De Salis were given the opportunity to visit Uxbridge Business Park on Tuesday 12th November. During their visit to the park, students were given a tour of the wildlife across all 77 acres of land, being able to see first-hand each ani...

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